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Calm Down!

Calm Down!£13.50


'Calm Down!' has been developed specifically for dogs that have aggressive or nervous tendencies, suffer with car sickness, have an aversion to noise, or perhaps have anxiety complexes. 

"Calm Down seems to be working on my very nervous and anxious Husky"

Neem Leaf Dusting Powder

Neem Leaf Dusting Powder£7.99


100% natural, gentle, absorbant powder (Talc free) for the general comfort of body and feet contains neem leaf powder.

Neem Shield Kids Saver Pack

Neem Shield Kids Saver Pack£18.00


Purchase both Neem Shield products & save £2 !!

"When my son got headlice I was distraught, and wanted to ensure he never got them again.
I have used these products ever since, and fingers crossed 3 years later, he has not had them."

Neem Spot Stick

Neem Spot Stick£7.99

Neem Spot Stick, in a handy roll-on applicator, features a blend of powerful essential oils and skin-softening Neem.
Neemteam Eco-friendly gentle emulsifier

Neemteam Eco-friendly gentle emulsifier£1.99  -  £6.99


A gentle eco-friendly natural emulsifier for use with neem oil

"works great every time!"

Organix Thera-Neem Head Lice Prevention Pack

Organix Thera-Neem Head Lice Prevention Pack£20.50  (1)

Head lice prevention pack contains Neem Oil Shampoo , Neem Oil Conditioner, JUMBO Pure Neem Oil (30ml)

Theraneem Facial Serum - Dry Skin

Theraneem Facial Serum - Dry Skin£14.95


Facial Oil Serum Rejuvenating Therapé
For Dry or Damaged Skin

"I don't think I shall ever use anything else on my face now"

TheraNeem Moisture Therape Conditioner

TheraNeem Moisture Therape Conditioner£10.99


For dry or damaged hair & sensitive scalps.

"Can't believe I have found an all natural product which makes my hair feel so soft and refreshed."

Theraneem Oatmeal & Lavender Soap Bar

Theraneem Oatmeal & Lavender Soap Bar£5.99


With 10% certified organic Neem oil, this bar is ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

"Great soap. Leaves my skin really moisturised."

Canine Tooth Powder

Canine Tooth Powder£6.98  -  £8.50


Keep your dog's teeth clean and fresh with our totally natural canine tooth powder.


Equine Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene (Liquid)£54.00


Four Seasons is a gentle herbal preparation made from 100% natural ingredients designed to maintain a healthy gut

"Fantastic product, 100% effective"

Neem Body Butter

Neem Body Butter£12.99


Neem Body Butter offers a concentrated plant-based formula to protect, repair and moisturize face and body.

"I adore these body butters, such luxury to slap it on dry skin after your bath, no more flaking and peeling"

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Page 5 of 10:    112 Items