Warning Inflammable head lice treatments

Wednesday, 21 March 2018  |  Admin

Warning  Inflammable head lice treatments

As has been widely reported recently in the national press, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency have issued a ‘drug safety alert’ warning users that some readily available head lice treatments can catch fire when exposed to naked flames or cigarettes. The alert advises pharmacists to tell customers about the risk of fires when they discuss head lice treatment options. Apparently, even being close to a cigarette the morning after treatment could be dangerous.

Ten people (eight of whom are children) have suffered burns (some serious) in the last decade. Most of these were when an adult lit a cigarette near a child who had been treated. One woman was left scarred for life after simply bending down to adjust a gas fire.

We are happy to say that our Neem Shield range is water based and does not contain any flammable ingredients.