Broadreach Omega EFA Advanced Oil

Broadreach Omega EFA Advanced Oil
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Brand:  Broadreach
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Omega EFA Advanced Oil complemetary feed for dogs and cats helps support your pet's skin, coat, joints, and heart. One of the most concentrated extra strength EPA and DHA levels and versatile Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) formulas available.

Omega EFA Advanced Oil is a highly potent, bioactive fatty acid blend featuring a high grade marine lipid concentrate. Marine lipids are rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The antioxidant properties of Rosemary and vitamin E protect the delicate fatty acids.

An overall wellness supplement for body organs and tissues using an advanced extra strength formula. Omega EFA Advanced Oil is developed and used by vets in the UK. For dogs and cats of all ages, to help support and maintain an optimum skin and coat. May also help support joints and overall body health.


Give with meals, half a teaspoon for each 10kg of body weight twice daily or as recommended by your vet.

236ml bottle.

Marine lipid concentrate
Sunflower seed oil
Vitamin E
Oil of Rosemary
Zinc Glutonate

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