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Oily skin
Lemongrass, Patchouli & Neem Oil Soap. Organic Neem Leaf Alcohol Extract - can be applied topically & also taken internally as a dietary supplement. These products are astringent & toning. Neem Leaf & Aloe Vera Gel.
Supercritical gel caps or Organic Neem Leaf capsules: Dietary supplements in conjunction with topical application often provide a synergistic effect.
Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Maximum Strength Soap or Oil Leaf & Bark Soap. Neem Shield Cream. Neem Leaf Dusting Powder
Full On Neem & Coconut Cream, Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Neem Leaf & Aloe Vera Gel
Neem Stick Lip Balm, Supercritical Neem Leaf Extract (dietary supplements) (Lip Care Combo Pack available, containing both the above products)
Wash: Serendipity Soft-Wash (soap free liquid, use as bath bubbles & suitable for face, body & hair), TheraNeem Kids Bar Soap, TheraNeem Kids Shampoo / Bodywash.
Hair & Scalp: Oatmeal & Lavender Botanical Treatment Soap, Neem Leaf & Oil Cream (always 'patch test' a small area of babies inner arm) Wash & apply little & often. TheraNeem Kids Shampoo, Serendipity Neem Baby Shampoo.
Skin & Nappy Area: Serendipity Full-On Neem & Coconut Cream, TheraNeem Neem Leaf & Oil Cream.

Dandruff & sensitive scalps
We recommend the use of:- Neem Oil Shampoo, Neem Oil Conditioner, or if you prefer, simply add a few drops of Pure Neem Oil to your own brand choice. (We would advise that you eliminate your 'brand choice' as a possible aggravating factor).
Dry, Sensitive Skin
Full-On Neem & Coconut Cream, Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Neem Leaf & Oil Lotion, Neem Leaf & Aloe Gel (non greasy), Pure Neem Oil, Maximum Strength Neem Oil Soap, Soap free - Neem Soft Wash, 'Whole' Neem Leaf, Oil & Bark Soap, Neem Oil Shampoo, Neem Oil Conditioner. (Please also refer to our value-added 'Skin Care Starter Kit' which can be found in the section called 'Body Care')
Cracked or chapped hands / feet / elbow
We recommend the use of:- Organic Neem Oil Salve, Pure Neem Oil, Neem Oil Nail & Cuticle Scrub, Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Max Strength Soap
Oral Care
TheraNeem Herbal Toothpaste, TheraNeem Herbal Mouthwash, TheraNeem Tooth & Gum Powders, Neem Dental Floss, Supercritical Neem Leaf Extract (gel caps) Look for our value-added multi packs.
All available in mint or homeopathic friendly cinnamon
Head Lice Prevention
Neem Shield Shampoo & Neem Shield Spray, Pure Neem Oil, Neem Shampoo, Neem Conditioner,  (These products are available in value-added Head Lice Prevention Packs) TheraNeem Kids Shampoo / Bodywash.

Residue 'build-up' on hair
Whilst using these products, we noticed that their unique formula gently removes residue 'build-up' associated with chlorine, conditioners and de-tanglers, giving the hair renewed body and shine. Neem Oil Shampoo, Neem Oil Conditioner.
Sensitive Skin (especially on the face)
Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Full On Neem & Coconut Cream, Complexion Bar - for ladies & Shaving Bar for gents,  ideal for those that have shaving sensitivities.
We recommend the use of:-
Neem Leaf & Aloe Gel - a fast-absorbing, cooling gel, greaseless & fragrance free, combining neem and aloe benefits in one product. Now available with added Mint & Lavender - ultra cooling gel.
Neem Leaf & Oil Lotion - will soothe & greatly reduce or eliminate peeling.
Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Neem & Coconut Cream, Neem Shield Cream.
Sun spots, age spots
Neem Oil & Botanical Fading Cream. Neem Leaf & Oil Cream, Thera Neem Dietary Supplements.