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Cuddle Cushion Valerian Cat Toy

Cuddle Cushion Valerian Cat Toy£4.39

True Hemp CUDDLE CUSHION cat toys have been developed to provide hours of fun and activity for your cat. They are made from a special cotton fabric with a blend of hemp leaf together with valerian.

Pet Remedy Bandana Calming Kit

Pet Remedy Bandana Calming Kit£12.00

Luxury bandana with 15ml Pet Remedy Calming Spray.

7 Day Fresh Odour Eliminator

7 Day Fresh Odour Eliminator£9.99

7 DAY FRESH is a microcapsule technology 7 day fragrance odour barrier. It works 24/7 to neutralise bad odours and replace them with a long lasting fragrance. 

Dog Streamz Magnetic Band

Dog Streamz Magnetic Band£39.99

DOG StreamZ silicone bands ® introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’ – Magnetism with a difference, for dogs! Natural pain relief and vitality!

Karma Wrap

Karma Wrap£36.00

KarmaWrap is the finest calming wrap for your dog. Rather like a hug, it’s an effective, natural, chemical-free wrap for reducing dog anxiety and calming your dog.

Stink Off Dog Odour Eliminator

Stink Off Dog Odour Eliminator£9.99

NEW Otodex® STINK OFF NATURAL COAT SPRAY works on contact with bad odours, forming a harmless, neutral molecule to completely eliminate the odour. This is achieved by combining 100% natural renewable and sustainable plant extracts that are scientifically proven to work. For dog urine, faeces, damp dog smell, fox poo and other really tough odours.

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Page 2 of 2:    18 Items