Oral Care

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Theraneem Toothpaste

Theraneem ToothpasteFrom:  £1.99  (55)

Neem toothpaste will leave even the most sensitive mouth feeling clean and refreshed.
Available in Mint , Cinnamon, Sea Buckthorn and kid's Tropical Blast.

"a great natural product that will keep your teeth and gums 100% healthy.highly recommended"

Theraneem Mouthwash

Theraneem MouthwashFrom:  £11.99  (16)

TheraNeem's Alcohol-Free Herbal Mouthrinse is the ultimate neem rinse to support your oral care regimen.
Available in Mint or Cinnamon flavours.

"My teeth were rapidly losing enamel. I started using this mouthwash before going to bed and the decay has slowed significantly. It also prevents tartar."

Theraneem Floss

Theraneem Floss£6.49  (8)

Supports Healthy Teeth & Gums with Supercritical Extracts
of Neem Leaf & Bark
Available in Mint and Cinnamon flavours

"Having always used a floss from a well-known manufacturer I can hardly believe the difference it has made moving to this one. Within a week my teeth felt noticeably cleaner all day long, and my gum health has improved too. Highly recommended."

Theraneem Tooth & Gum Powder

Theraneem Tooth & Gum Powder£9.99   £7.99  (32)

For that extra-clean sensation, look no further than this AWARD WINNING product!
Available in Mint or Cinnamon flavour.

"You really feel like you have been to the dentist and had a scale and polish after using TheraNeem tooth and gum powder. "

Theraneem Tooth & Gum Oil

Theraneem Tooth & Gum Oil£17.99  (9)

Neem Tooth & Gum Oil is a concentrated blend of Neem, adaptogens, and essential oils in beneficial Coconut Oil.

"Lovely, pure oil with a deeply cleansing kick to it. You just know its good for your teeth and gums."

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