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Skinny Herbs!

Skinny Herbs!£19.50

A natural herb mix that can help your dog's coat and skin. NOW 50% OFF!!


BBE Sept 21.

Hotties Heat Pad for Pets

Hotties Heat Pad for Pets£20.99   £15.99

Safe microwavable heat pad for pets - proven to relieve aches and pains.

Colloidal Silver Solution for Pets

Colloidal Silver Solution for Pets£12.50   £11.99

Ultra pure anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial colloidal silver solution.

Theraneem Toothpaste

Theraneem Toothpaste£4.00  -  £7.99


Neem toothpaste will leave even the most sensitive mouth feeling clean and refreshed.
Available in Mint , Cinnamon, Sea Buckthorn and kid's Tropical Blast.

"a great natural product that will keep your teeth and gums 100% healthy.highly recommended"

TrueLeaf Dental Flex Bar

TrueLeaf Dental Flex Bar£1.00  -  £2.99


Offer on Medium Flex Bars! 1 each! BBE in November 2021! While stocks last.True Leaf Dental Flex Bar combines hemp leaf with other ingredients to help maintain your dog's dental health.


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