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Pet Remedy All-In-One Kit

Pet Remedy All-In-One Kit£36.00

£50 value! All in One pet calming kit.

Pet Remedy Atomiser Refill

Pet Remedy Atomiser Refill£22.00

Refill for Pet Remedy Calming Atomiser.

Pet Remedy Bandana Calming Kit

Pet Remedy Bandana Calming Kit£12.00   £10.00

Luxury bandana with 15ml Pet Remedy Calming Spray.

Pet Remedy Calming Leave-In Conditioner

Pet Remedy Calming Leave-In Conditioner£12.00

A perfect finishing touch to leave your pet with a soft, shiny coat.

Pet Remedy Calming Plug Diffuser

Pet Remedy Calming Plug Diffuser£21.00

Pet Remedy Calming Spray

Pet Remedy Calming SprayFrom:  £6.50  (1)

A new and natural way of tackling dog anxiety and stress in all pets and animals.

Pet Remedy Calming Spray with Atomiser

Pet Remedy Calming Spray with Atomiser£48.00

A new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety using a battery operated atomiser together with unique Valerian based calming spray.

Pet Remedy Calming Wipes

Pet Remedy Calming Wipes£6.50

Eco-friendly calming wipes.

Pet Remedy De-Stress & Calming Shampoo

Pet Remedy De-Stress & Calming Shampoo£12.00

Naturally derived cleansing and de-tangling agents in all the right proportions for a calming, deep cleaning, yet gentle wash.

Pet Remedy Diffuser Refills (x2)

Pet Remedy Diffuser Refills (x2)£21.00

Pet Remedy Calming Diffuser refill bottles.

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Pet Remedy works with the petís own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, reptiles, and birds. So when a pet becomes stressed or anxious the Pet Remedy actives help trick fired-up nerve cells into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm. This is why it starts to help instantly. Browse our collection of kits and sprays to help your pet move into your new home, handle fireworks season, or trips to the vet.