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Curly hair care

Thursday, 27 May 2021  |  Admin

Curly hair care

Neem has been used to improve hair growth for centuries. Many properties of Neem make it the perfect addition to a healthy head, and it has properties which help eczema, dandruff, and increase hair growth.
I have been struggling for years to find something that works for my curly hair, especially as I have a dry scalp, prone to scalp eczema. Shampoos either leave my curls looking sad, or my scalp itchy and flaky. I’ve been told by countless people which products to use or avoid or “make sure it doesn’t have wax in it” that I’ve become confused and to be honest, somewhat lazy. I had given up looking for a solution that works for my head and hair, and had resigned myself to never looking my best. If this sounds like you, then don’t worry! Neem may well just be the solution!
Neem has been proven to be very effective against eczema, as trialled on human patients (not by us!). Neem has shown antibacterial and antifungal properties, and therefore is good at stopping dandruff from developing, and treats the common fungal source of dandruff. Neem is also good at calming inflammation, so it treats the redness and itching commonly found on a dandruffy scalp.
If, like me, you’ve been told you have scalp eczema, a condition worse than dandruff and about ten times itchier, then you should know Neem can help with that too. As it is anti-inflammatory, it calms the skin and reduces any allergies that are causing the eczema to break out. Neem also has fantastic moisturising properties, and therefore repairs the dry skin to leave you with a lovely healthy scalp.
Neem oil is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants that encourage hair growth, and keep your hair looking thick and vibrant. Neem oil also cleanses the scalp of any excess oils it produces which can sometimes plug hair follicles and cause hair loss.


Our range of Neem shampoos bring all these fantastic benefits of Neem straight to your head and hair!

We currently have three Neem shampoos and conditioners:

• Neem and Coconut- a shampoo which is soothing even for the most sensitive skin
• Neem and Rosemary- a shampoo that helps fight dandruff and promotes hair regrowth
• Neem and Hemp- a shampoo that nourishes and hydrates dry hair and skin