Natural Flea Control

Neem is an excellent flea deterrent- it has been used to rid people of insect pests for thousands of years and no resistance has been reported so far. We are dedicated to bringing you evidence based information on neem and its uses and this category is constantly updated with more blogs in the pipeline- bookmark it and come back soon!

11 September 2023
How to get rid of fleas naturally- 360 DEGREE PLAN OF ATTACK

This is war, baby! Fleas are resilient creatures- they have to be- no one wants them, and yet…they survive and thrive..

21 August 2023
How to transition to natural flea and tick control

We are often asked how to transition to natural flea and tick control especially when people have previously used conventional flea and tick treatments. There are no known issues starting natural flea treatments while using conventional products, so start today!

12 June 2023
Why Natural Flea Control?

Why do people choose natural flea and tick control? Are chemical treatments really that harmful? More and more people are making the switch to chemical-free flea and tick solutions. Find out why!

13 September 2022
Natural Flea Control: A Case Study!

Does natural flea control really work? We test out chemical-free flea treatment on our dog - find out how we did it!

17 May 2022
Billy No Mates! - All You Need To Know about our Natural Flea and Tick Deterrent

Billy No Mates is a much-loved herbal mixture used as a natural flea and tick deterrent for dogs, cats, rabbits and and livestock! Prevent fleas naturally and chemical-free with Billy No Mates! feeding supplement. Learn about it here with our handy collection of FAQs!