Billy No Mates! - All You Need To Know about our Natural Flea and Tick Deterrent

17 May 2022

Billy No Mates! - All You Need To Know about our Natural Flea and Tick Deterrent

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on the Internet for Billy No Mates! Natural Flea deterrent! In this article we'll be answering common questions on the way it works, dosage, which pets to feed it to, and much more.

More and more pet owners are looking for natural, chemical-free flea control that works: whether your pet reacts negatively to vet-prescribed medication, or you're simply interested in taking a more natural, holistic approach to their health, Billy No Mates! has something for everybody.

Launched over 10 years ago, this mix is very effective not only at repelling fleas, but also for improving coat condition and overall health, and has been one of our most enduringly popular and asked about products.

How does Billy No Mates work?

Billy No Mates! is a totally natural herbal blend that is added to your pet’s food to help repel fleas, ticks and other biting insects. The essential oils in the herbs create an aroma-barrier (from the animal's skin/coat oils as the body absorbs the herbs) that is very repellant to ticks, fleas and mites. 

When and how do I feed Billy No Mates?

The aromatic combination of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm should be simply sprinkled over your dog or cat's food. We recommend feeding Billy No Mates daily from the start of February/beginning of March as it takes about 4-6 weeks to fully enter the animal's system. Flea season typically starts around April/May with the warmer weather.Fleas and ticks tend to be less of a problem during the colder months from November, at which point you can give them a break from using Billy No Mates.

Billy No Mates was designed as a preventive, not a cure, so don’t wait until the middle of summer to start feeding it!

How much do I feed Billy No Mates?

Dried/powder: 1 scoop (5ml) per 10kg is a good rule of thumb when feeding Billy No Mates.
Small dog (0-10kg) ½ a scoop 2-3g
Medium dog (10-25kg) 1 scoop 3-4g
Large dog (35+kg) 2 scoops 6-8g

 A bag of 325g should last a small dog 5-6 months and a large dog 2-3 months.

Tincture: Give 1ml per 10kg of bodyweight.
Under 10kg 1ml (1 full pipette)
10-20kg 2ml
20-30kg 3ml
30+kg 4ml

Which is better, tincture or dried?

Both are just as effective when the dosage information is followed correctly. For wet food, we tend to recommend the dried, and for kibble, we recommend the tincture. Some pets like one version over the other. Most pets don’t mind, however, and we make sure to stock both so that both kibble and raw feeders have options.

Does Billy No Mates work? Is Billy No Mates effective?

If fed in due time and at the correct dosage, our customers find Billy No Mates very effective. Read what people have to say on Billy No Mates, or read about what we did to prevent fleas naturally (on our very own dog!).

Can I use it for my cat? Is it safe for cats?

Yes, Billy No Mates is safe to use in cats. Please follow the guidelines by weight for the right dosage.

Can I feed Billy No Mates year-round?


Can I use Billy No Mates for my puppy?

Billy No Mates is safe to use in puppies over 12 weeks of age.

Can I use Billy No Mates for my pregnant bitch?

While there are no reports of any toxicity or issues in pregnant bitches, we would recommend not using herbs during this period.

Can I use Billy No Mates for my epileptic dog?

Yes, note that Fenugreek, one of the ingredients in Billy No Mates, can reduce seizure activity, so you may find that their anti-epilepsy medication can be reduced. Always check with your veterinary surgeon before adjusting medication dosage.

Can I use Billy No Mates for my diabetic dog?

Yes, with caution, as Fenugreek can cause lowering of blood sugar. Your dog’s insulin dosage may need to be adjusted/reduced. Always consult a veterinary surgeon before adjusting medication dosage.

Can my pet OD on Billy No Mates?

If you accidentally give a double dosage in a day, this won't cause any major issues.  Generally we would not recommend exceeding the advertised dosage as this does not make Billy No Mates more potent, and unused herbs/tincture are simply expelled from the body, therefore wasting it. You might also have to get more Billy No Mates before you expected to!

Obviously, if your pet consumes a whole bottle or bag, then it would be worth getting veterinary attention.

Is neem illegal?


I free-feed my pet/have multiple pets. How can I make sure that they are getting their full dosage?

We recommend putting Billy No Mates in a bowl which you know your pet will finish, for example for breakfast. A smaller portion may work best, so that the pet can free-feed throughout the rest of the day. In the case of multiple pets eating from the same bowl, the best way to guarantee that they each receive the correct dose is to split the bowls for the first meal.

What is Filly No Mates?

Filly No Mates has the same ingredients as the dried Billy No Mates, but is milled more coarsely and only comes in 3kg sacks. It is aimed at horses and livestock but can be used for dogs too.

How much do I feed?

Dried/powder: A 25ml (12-15g) scoop comes provided with Filly No Mates. Use this, or an equivalent measuring cup, to work out your animal’s ideal dose.

Goat/sheep (30-150kg) 0.5 to 1 scoop (12-15g)
Small horse/pony (200-400kg) 1.5 scoops (20g)
Large horse (500+kg) 2 heaped scoops (35g)

Any further questions? Feel free to speak to one of our friendly team on 01633 263 567! We look forward to hearing from you.