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Neem & Hemp Pet Conditioner

Neem & Hemp Pet Conditioner£8.50

Hemp oil is rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids which may help stimulate growth of hair and scalp and improve blood circulation. No colours, SLS or parabens and our products are never tested on animals.

Neem & Hemp Pet Shampoo

Neem & Hemp Pet Shampoo£9.25

A gentle natural shampoo utilising the properties of both neem and hemp.

Dog Facial Wash

Dog Facial Wash£5.99

A mild natural spot cleanser for your dog

Neem & Coconut Pet Conditioner

Neem & Coconut Pet Conditioner£8.50  (3)

The perfect accompaniment for our Neem & Coconut Pet shampoo. 


Neem & Rosemary Pet Conditioner

Neem & Rosemary Pet Conditioner£8.50  (1)

100% natural conditioner using certified organic ingredients.


Doggy Deodorant

Doggy Deodorant£5.99  (2)

A natural product designed to help overcome the natural 'doggy' smell of our pets.
Can be used both on the dog and its bedding or as a general air freshener.

Neem Paw Balm

Neem Paw Balm£9.00  (4)

For dry, sore or cut paws.

Canine Tooth Powder

Canine Tooth Powder£9.75  (2)

Keep your dog's teeth clean and fresh with our totally natural canine tooth powder.

Herbal Ear Drops for Dogs

Herbal Ear Drops for Dogs£9.25  (4)

Soothing herbal blend for minor ear problems such as excess wax or minor discomfort.

Herbal Ear Powder for Animals

Herbal Ear Powder for Animals£8.50

Totally natural product containing a mixture of herbs.

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Page 1 of 3:    27 Items

Serendipity Herbals and 'the Neem Team' evolved out of personal experience. With two young children of school age, it was not long before the problem of head lice reared its head. Bad publicity surrounding the use of chemical treatments deterred them from using over-the-counter chemical treatments.