Our Company

8 August 2023
Wait, what? who?

Rebrand and refocus. Nothing in life stays still, change is a constant. In todays climate of information overload, we hope that going back to our original name 'The Neem Team', will help showcase what we do and what is important to us: that is: providing trusted, quality neem and complementary products for people and pets, and increasing knowledge of this amazing plant.

24 June 2023
Introducing: The Neem Team.

We know Neem.

Neem is nature’s solution to many problems around your health, your pet’s health, and even the environment. Biodegradable and non-toxic, this versatile oil plant can help you in so many ways – and we’ve made it our mission to make high-quality, affordable neem products available to you. 

6 December 2022
Doing Good

How do we achieve minimum waste at The Neem Team?

1 December 2021

We are redesigning our packaging and processes to make sure they are as sustainable as possible- its a constant process..!