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Natural, effective and safe products for you and your pets

We aim to stock a wide range of effective and safe herbal products for both humans and animals. Many people would rather use natural products and avoid the 'chemicals' in many creams, shampoos and conditioners. A quick glance at our many reviews will show how effective completely natural ingredients can be.

For many years we have specialised in the use of neem. The neem tree is a native of the tropics and sub-tropics and there are many and varied uses of the fruits, seeds, leaves, bark, oil and root.

Have a look at our 'All about neem' section for more detailed information about neem and its' many uses.


Latest Products
Colloidal Silver Solution for Pets

Colloidal Silver Solution for Pets£10.95

Ultra pure anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial colloidal silver solution.

Colloidal Silver Cream for pets

Colloidal Silver Cream for pets£13.95

Intensive moisturising skin treatment for your pets. With antifungal & antibacterial Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver Gel for Pets

Colloidal Silver Gel for Pets£12.95

Intensive natural skin care for your pets with colloidal silver.

True Hemp Anti Hairball Cat Treats

True Hemp Anti Hairball Cat Treats£3.29

Anti Hairball treats for cats

True Hemp Calming Cat Treats

True Hemp Calming Cat Treats£3.29

Calming cat treats

True Hemp Skin & Coat Cat Treats

True Hemp Skin & Coat Cat Treats£3.29

Skin & Coat support treats for cats