Our Company

Our mission is to bring you high-quality neem products that benefit of pets, people and the planet.

Neem (Margosa) is a biodegradable solution for most insect pests, a remedy for dandruff, ringworm, eczema, gastric ulcers, gingivitis and many other issues thanks to its over 200 active principles. We know our neem!

2023 is The Neem team’s 20th year of bringing our fantastic neem products to your doorstep. Our gentle preparations made from natural ingredients, are the product of choice for thousands of happy people and pets all over the UK and Europe! 


Who we are

The Neem Team started in 2003 and was the first to bring Theraneem toothpastes, mouthwashes and hair and skin care to the UK. We subsequently formulated our own, UK made 'The Neem Team' and 'Neem Therapy' hair and skincare products.

The Neem Team is a family run company led by veterinary surgeon Dr Suzy Reynolds. Suzy is passionate about holistic veterinary medicine, and further studies in naturopathy, western herbal medicine and ayurvedic medicine have convinced her that herbal medicines and natural remedies can help us and our pets become healthier for longer. She believes that we need to look at illness in the context of the environment, diet and habits, rather than just treat symptoms. 

Suzy has worked in veterinary practice in the UK for almost 15 years helping cats, dogs, chickens, and other small animals. She has also worked at the University of Liverpool on research project SAVSNET, and recently as a consultant for top pet insurance company, Petplan. In between times she has raised her family, a small flock of chickens and foxy Labrador Retriever, Cedar. In 2020, Suzy came across The Neem Team through her interest in herbal medicine and took it on from medical microbiologist and founder Julie Preston, relocating the company from the beautiful south of Wales to our current position in the Chiltern Hills near London.

Our key ingredient is Neem!  

Neem, also known as Nim, Margosa and Kohumba, is a tree (scientific name Azadirachta indica), whose anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and insect repellent properties have been recognized in traditional medicine in India for thousands of years. Scientific studies (see below for a selection) show the benefits for people, plant and animal health, and neem is appearing more and more as the demand for natural, sustainable products grows.

Through our information and products, we hope to spread awareness of this wonderful herb, especially for  

  • Oral care, especially for gingivitis,
  • Skin and haircare; helps with eczema, psoriasis, Candida and dandruff  
  • for dealing with pests like headlice, sarcoptic mites and biting insects like midges 

We have also launched our own range of ayurveda-inspired neem products to be added to your cosmetic or healthcare regimen through Pure Neem and Neem Therapy! 

Under the guidance of our holistic vet, we have brought neem to petcare too.  

We provide natural, gentle shampoos, conditioners, creams and balms with neem, as well as a range of ear, eye, and oral care, and herbal supplements for all kinds of common pet problems, all quality-tested and vet-approved.  

They are particularly useful for: 

  • Natural flea, tick , midge and mite control 
  • Teeth and gum health 
  • Dry sensitive and allergic skin 

Holistic health is a lifestyle change, and once you see the difference in your health and that of your pet, you won’t go back! 

We never test on animals and all The Neem Team and Neem Therapy products are free of artificial colourants and petrol-derived chemicals, hormone-disrupting phthalates and parabens and harsh detergents such as SLS and SLES.  

We also do our part for the planet. Our products are packaged in 100% recycled/recyclable packaging, whether that be plastic or glass or compostable pouches. 

Our mission is to bring high-quality neem products for the benefit of pets, people and the planet. We continue, twenty years from our small beginnings, energized in our journey to spread the word about the benefits of neem: a tree that may yet save the world.  


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