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CSJ - 'Billy No Mates!' - Herbal Flea deterrent

CSJ - 'Billy No Mates!' - Herbal Flea deterrentFrom:  £7.50  (193)

Billy No Mates is an effective natural flea, mite and tick repellent for dogs, cats, and other animals.

CSJ - 'Calm Down!' - Herbal Calming Supplement

CSJ - 'Calm Down!' - Herbal Calming Supplement£13.50  (1)

'Calm Down!' has been developed specifically for dogs that have aggressive or nervous tendencies, suffer with car sickness, have an aversion to noise, or perhaps have anxiety complexes.

CSJ - 'Hold It!' - Bladder Function Supplement

CSJ - 'Hold It!' - Bladder Function Supplement£14.35   £12.50  (18)

Great for dogs with incontinence and leaky bladders.

CSJ - 'Ring o' Fire!' - Herbal Food Supplement

CSJ - 'Ring o' Fire!' - Herbal Food Supplement£16.75

CSJ - 'Seaweed & Parsley' - for Oral Health

CSJ - 'Seaweed & Parsley' - for Oral Health£19.50  (2)

This totally natural mix of Canadian Kelp and Seaweed is intended to aid your dog's oral health.

CSJ - 'Solid Result' - Gut Health Supplement

CSJ - 'Solid Result' - Gut Health Supplement£16.75

A natural herb mix to aid gut health in dogs.

CSJ - 'Skinny Herbs!' - Skin & Coat Supplement

CSJ - 'Skinny Herbs!' - Skin & Coat Supplement£19.50

A natural herb mix that can help your dog's coat and skin.

CSJ - 'Come On!' - Energy Boosting Supplement

CSJ - 'Come On!' - Energy Boosting Supplement£20.50   £16.50

Formulated using human grade herbs to give your dog a boost.

CSJ - 'Down Boy!' - Urge Suppressant

CSJ - 'Down Boy!' - Urge Suppressant£13.50

'Down Boy!' naturally helps to suppress the sexual drive in male dogs.

Eezy Peezy!

Eezy Peezy!£20.50   £18.50

Eezy Peezy! has been specifically formulated to promote elimination of toxins from the body, increase the flow of urine and reduce stress-related urine retention.

The supplement helps optimise urinary health and can also help prevent burn marks on your lawns.

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CSJ has become one of the fastest growing dog food brands since 1998 when international sheepdog triallist, Ceri Rundle, was unable to find an affordable, quality, extruded food that suited her own dogs. The available premium quality foods were too expensive and the cheaper ones a case of false economy with the resultant sloppy stools and /or thin, hungry dogs.