Wait, what? who?

8 August 2023

Wait, what? who?

Rebrand and refocus.

Nothing in life stays still, change is a constant.

In todays climate of information overload, we hope that going back to our original name 'The Neem Team', will help showcase what we do and what is important to us. For over twenty years we have pioneered bringing trusted, quality neem products to the UK and we are still dedicated to spreading knowledge of this amazing and highly valuable plant. We will also be increasing the range of our products to include pet supplements and treats, and some dental products for people. You will also see some complementary products appearing to help use our neem products- brushes, wipes etc...

If neem has helped you resolve an issue- whether that is dandruff, eczema, headlice, stomach ulcers or gingivitis- or if it has helped your pet keep fleas and ticks away or deal with skin, gut or tooth and gum problems- or get rid of aphids an your plants or ants/cockroaches in the house..we want your stories! Please give us a brief outline and, ideally, a picture of yourself, your pet or plant at sales@theneemteam.co.uk. We will give you a £20 voucher for each one as we build the evidence for using neem with your stories.