Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare

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  • Antiseptic topical skincare spray that cleanses cuts and abrasions
  • Leucillin is steroid free, antibiotic free and non-toxic
  • pH neutral, so will not harm healthy tissue or sting when applied
  • Safe around eyes, nose, mouth, and sensitive areas

Antiseptic topical skincare spray that cleanses cuts and abrasions.

Leucillin is steroid free, antibiotic free and non-toxic. Being skin pH neutral it will not harm healthy tissue or sting when applied.
Safe around eyes, nose, mouth and sensitive areas. Maintains healthy itch free skin.

250ml spray bottle


Apply Leucillin liberally directly to the affected area, using it to flush and clean. If dressing is required apply Leucillin liberally to each dressing.
Repeat up to 3 times each day. No rinsing is required.

For external use only.

We have just (23/4) received the following from Leucillin :-

Leucillin VIRUCIDAL Update
coronaviruses and SARS‐CoV‐2

Due to the influx of requests regarding Leucillin’s disinfectant efficacy against virus’, providing a reliable pet safe sanitiser, we undertook to update the relevant tests against Coronavirus with leading microbiology contract research organization and Government approved BluTest Laboratories.

We are delighted to share with you Leucillin has passed these tests and therefore can announce Leucillin is effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex A*

This therefore concludes Leucillin is effective against all coronaviruses and SARS‐CoV‐2.

Leucillin provides a pet safe alternative for protection against animal cross contamination, to use Leucillin as an anti-viral cleanser for the topical application to coat, paws and muzzle simple spray liberally, Leucillin is safe for use on all mammals, birds and reptiles.

We would like to thank you for your patience on this matter, as you will appreciate testing and gaining the correct approvals for public and pet safety does take time.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
Sodium chloride (NaCl)
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This works.
Friday, 28 May 2021  | 

We have used this for a few years and found our dogs skins are very tolerant of it and do not react in a negative way. It is a simple disinfectant and not a harsh pharmaceutical 'wonder drug ' that causes more problems than it solves.

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