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Earth Rated Biodegradable Poo Bags

Earth Rated Biodegradable Poo Bags£4.99

Extra-long and extra-strong bags to protect your hands. Biodegradable poo bags and recycled packaging.

Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Earth Rated Dog Wipes£7.99

Our plant-based wipes are certified compostable, gentle enough for daily use and containing only the best ingredients. Available in unscented or lavender fragrance.

Poo bag leash dispenser

Poo bag leash dispenser£2.39

Leash Dispenser with 15 biodegradable poo bags.

Proflax Liver Love

Proflax Liver Love£13.95

The liver is susceptible to damage because of its central role in detoxification of the body. Over time an excess of toxins can build up and cause problems.

Proflax Puppy Power

Proflax Puppy Power£13.95

An holistic superfood supplement for the first 12 to 18 months of your pups life.

CSJ Ring o' Fire

CSJ Ring o' Fire£16.75

CSJ Solid Result

CSJ Solid Result£16.75

A natural herb mix to aid gut health in dogs.

TrueLeaf Dental Flex Bar

TrueLeaf Dental Flex Bar£1.99  -  £2.99  (1)

True Leaf Dental Flex Bar combines hemp leaf with other ingredients to help maintain your dog's dental health.

Colloidal Silver Foaming Handwash

Colloidal Silver Foaming Handwash£11.99

Support optimal skin health with Colloidal Silver Foaming Soap

Beaphar Calming Tablets

Beaphar Calming Tablets£4.25

A competely natural way to help your pet feel calmer and happier.

True Hemp Senior Support Cat Treats

True Hemp Senior Support Cat Treats£3.29  (1)

True Hemp™ SENIOR formula to support cats over 7 years of age. This unique formulation incorporates hemp and other active ingredients, creating a synergistic effect that supports joint function and the body’s normal response to inflammation.

Hotties Heat Pad for Pets

Hotties Heat Pad for Pets£20.99

Safe microwavable heat pad for pets - proven to relieve aches and pains.

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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items