Fleas, Ticks and Lice

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Billy No Mates

Billy No Mates£7.50  -  £39.00  (188)

Billy No Mates is an effective NATURAL flea, mite and tick repellent for cats and dogs.

"Really happy with this product. After trying many different things (including prescriptions from Vet). Billy No Mates Tincture really worked "

Neem Shield Pet Spray

Neem Shield Pet Spray£10.00  -  £30.00  (36)

Harnesses the properties of neem to help protect your pet.


"Very pleased with the product. I was pleased to find a natural alternative to the chemical treatments I had been using"

Neem Shield Pet Shampoo

Neem Shield Pet Shampoo£10.00  -  £30.00  (27)

Enhanced safe natural formula neem shampoo to help protect your pet.

"This is the only shampoo I use on my dog and so far it has been totally successful."

Neem Shield Pet Saver Pack

Neem Shield Pet Saver Pack£18.00  (19)

Value added pack! Neem Shield Pet Shampoo and Neem Shield Spray

"can't believe how good it is. Instant shine, and they smell wonderful !"

Neem Kit for Pets

Neem Kit for Pets£9.99  (9)

Everything you need to make up a basic neem spray in one handy value added pack.

"Would love larger sizes and quantities now I know how well this works"

Utility Grade Neem Oil

Utility Grade Neem Oil£6.98  -  £85.00  (44)

100% pure, cold pressed, organic Neem Oil. Available in various sizes.

"I am very pleased with Neem oil, has worked really well and would recommend it to anyone"

Neemteam Eco-friendly gentle emulsifier

Neemteam Eco-friendly gentle emulsifier£1.99  -  £7.99  (6)

A gentle eco-friendly natural emulsifier for use with neem oil

"works great every time!"

Neem Pet Dusting Powder

Neem Pet Dusting Powder£7.99  (7)

100% natural, gentle, absorbent powder (Talc free) - harnessing the traditional use of neem leaf to calm & soothe minor skin rashes & irritation.


Filly No Mates

Filly No Mates£25.00  -  £45.00  (17)

An effective, natural fly, flea, mite and tick repellent.

"I have been feeding this to my horses since March and it is noticeable that they are not being bothered by flies this season"

Wipe Out Household Flea Spray

Wipe Out Household Flea Spray£10.99  (1)

Wipeout Household Flea Spray is an innovation in the environmental treatment of fleas. The spray is suitable for bedding and carpets. Do not use on animals. Adult fleas are rendered permanently immobile and the eggs and pupae are prevented from hatching. This breaks the life cycle and prevents re-infestation. 


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