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Come On!

Come On!£13.50  (1)

Formulated using human grade herbs to give your dog a 'boost'- whether it be energy or general condition.

De-Stress and Calming Shampoo

De-Stress and Calming Shampoo£12.00

Naturally derived cleansing and de-tangling agents in all the right proportions for a calming, deep cleaning, yet gentle wash.


Dog Spot Cleanser£5.99

A mild natural spot cleanser for your dog

Eazy Peazy!

Eazy Peazy!£19.50

Eezy Peezy!' has been specifically formulated to optimise urinary health and can help prevent burn marks on your lawns.


Equine Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene Powder£25.00  -  £90.00  (1)

Four Seasons is a gentle herbal preparation made from 100% natural ingredients designed to maintain a healthy gut

"Fantastic product, 100% effective"

Get Over!

Get Over!£16.50

'Get Over!' has been formulated for the very active or more mature dog that is starting to shows of old age.
Go On!

Go On!£13.50

Dogs competing in sports such as agility, flyball, working trials or dogs working under 'harsh' weather conditions e.g. sled dogs and sheepdogs could all benefit from 'Go On!' 
Golden Eye Wash

Golden Eye Wash£7.99  (2)

100% Natural Soothing tincture for general eye comfort



A herbal blend for the nutritional balance of the digestive system.
Nail Pamper Pack

Nail Pamper Pack£20.50

Pure Neem Oil, TheraNeem Nail & Cuticle Scrub  and TheraNeem Maximum Strength Cleansing Bar.

Neem - the Ultimate Herb

Neem - the Ultimate Herb£8.50  (1)

The most comprehensive neem book available. Written by world expert John Conrick, Founder and Director of the Neem Association. 

"The most informative book I've ever encountered about neem and its uses."


Neem and Rosemary Pet Conditioner£7.50

100% natural conditioner using certified organic ingredients.


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Page 12 of 14:    160 Items