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Theraneem Neem Leaf & Aloe Gel

Theraneem Neem Leaf & Aloe Gel£9.50


Greaseless, fast-absorbing and fragrance free, TheraNeem Organix Neem Leaf & Aloe Gel can be used after sun or shaving. This formula is appropriate for all skin types to help protect & nourish your skin.
Colloidal Silver Ear Drops

Colloidal Silver Ear Drops£13.95

Colloidal silver ear drops for pets with essential oils

Colloidal Silver Spray

Colloidal Silver Spray£9.95

Colloidal silver pet spray, naturally antviral, antibacterial & antifungal

Equine Neem Shield Shampoo

Equine Neem Shield Shampoo£10.00  -  £30.00

To keep your horse comfortable, use NEEM SHIELD SHAMPOO.

Herbal Ear Powder for Animals£7.99

Use a small pinch daily until the ears are clear

Neem - the Ultimate Herb

Neem - the Ultimate Herb£8.50


The most comprehensive neem book available. Written by world expert John Conrick, Founder and Director of the Neem Association. 

"The most informative book I've ever encountered about neem and its uses."

Neem Baby Shampoo

Neem Baby Shampoo£7.50


Soothing extra mild neem shampoo for sensitive scalps - not just for babies!

"My son who is now 15 months has very sensitive skin and suffered from a dry scalp as a baby. I've been using the neem baby shampoo since he was about 5 months old and it's great. No adverse skin reaction, it leaves his hair and skin soft and it smells lovely. Also great service thanks!"


Neem Leaf - Rough Cut£9.99

Rough cut neem leaf - 250g

Proflax Bone & Joint

Proflax Bone & Joint£13.95  -  £36.95

Ideal for active, working or older dogs or those recovering from bone/joint/ligament injury or operation. Supports general bone, joint & ligament health.

TheraNeem Facial Serum - Normal Skin

TheraNeem Facial Serum - Normal Skin£14.95

Facial Oil Serum Soothing Therapé
For Normal or Stressed Skin
Theraneem Nail & Cuticle Scrub

Theraneem Nail & Cuticle Scrub£12.50

An all-natural blend of sea salts, Neem Oil and rich botanicals to pamper your hands, nails and feet.
Theraneem Purifying Mask

Theraneem Purifying Mask£12.99

Detoxifying therapy for face and neck. Triple power of Neem leaf, oil, and bark 

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