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Theraneem Nail and Cuticle Pen

Theraneem Nail and Cuticle Pen£12.99


Supports nail growth, soothes & softens cuticles, fortifies brittle nails.

"Easy to use and less messy than a cream to rub on. I think it is a brilliant idea and works so well."

Theraneem Neem Leaf, Oil & Bark Soap

Theraneem Neem Leaf, Oil & Bark Soap£5.99


With 10% certified-organic Neem oil, this bar is ideal for gardeners' hands, dry skin, gentle exfoliation

"When you can't decide which neem bar you need go for this one, it has everything in it! Actually I just swop them around because I love them all and have never suffered any unwanted after effects on my very fussy skin."

After Sun Lip Balm

After Sun Lip Balm£5.50

Soothe your lips with our after sun Soothing Lip Balm

Broadreach Probiotic Daily Fibre Care

Broadreach Probiotic Daily Fibre Care£27.60

Probiotic daily fibre care with vitamins & minerals for optimum digestive support and health.

Colloidal Silver Spray

Colloidal Silver Spray£9.95

Colloidal silver pet spray, naturally antviral, antibacterial & antifungal


Doggy Deodorant£5.99

A natural product designed to help overcome the natural 'doggy' smell of our pets.
Can be used both on the dog and its bedding or as a general air freshener.

Equine Neem Shield Spray

Equine Neem Shield Spray£10.00  -  £30.00

Harnesses the intrinsic properties of neem to improve the coat condition and general comfort of your horse.
Herbal Ear Drops for Dogs

Herbal Ear Drops for Dogs£7.99


Soothing herbal blend for minor ear problems such as excess wax or minor discomfort.

Neem and Coconut Cream for Pets

Neem and Coconut Cream for Pets£12.50


This triple combination neem cream  is easily absorbed, ideal for your pet's dry or sore skin.

"absorbed easily and does more than it says on the packet! "

Neem Pet Dusting Powder 75g

Neem Pet Dusting Powder 75g£7.99


100% natural, gentle, absorbent powder (Talc free) - harnessing the traditional use of neem leaf to calm & soothe minor skin rashes & irritation.


No Ake!

No Ake!£16.50


A highly potent herb that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system
Organix Neem Cleansing Bar

Organix Neem Cleansing Bar£4.99

Organix Neem Cleansing Bar offers a concentrated plant-based formula to protect, repair and moisturize face and body.
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Page 8 of 14:    158 Items